Our Embroidered Patches - What you need to know

Our embroidered patches are like no other.  We aren't the type of company that "strives to give you the best quality blah blah blah"  that's a given and honestly, it's boring.  What we strive for is to make you the most BADASS patches you've ever seen! We look for the "jaw dropping effect"...which is, you open your package and you're so taken aback by your artwork coming to life, that your jaw smacks the ground. That's what makes us go above and beyond...that's what we strive for when it comes to our custom patches.

Below is everything you need to know about us and our embroidered patches. The patch samples seen are not for sale and cannot be duplicated.


MINIMUMS: We don't have minimums on anything over 7".  For logo patches, logo embroidery on caps and some of the smaller name patches, we do have a minimum of 6 pieces.  In some cases, you can mix and match, but be sure to contact us for details about that.

THREAD COLORS: No, the colors on the thread charts aren't the only colors we have.  We have access to over 1,000 shades of thread.  The reason you see a color chart with basic colors is to be able to bring you the best possible price for the customizable patches we offer (rockers, name patches, etc). If you have a specific color you need, we do have a minimum, but that is on a case by case basis. So be sure to contact us and let us know what you need.  We are always here to help.

When it comes to custom logo/back patches, we always match the thread colors as best we can with the original artwork. If you have specific pms colors, let us know what they are and we'll use those.

FABRIC BACKGROUND COLORS: Please see "thread colors".  Same rules apply.

FELT BACKGROUND COLORS: Unfortunately, those ARE the only felt colors we offer.  Sorry guys! If we stock more colors, we'll add them to the chart immediately. (see sample below)

PATCH BORDERS: We always use satin stitch borders (when the patches have borders)! We don't use merrow borders anymore because they always look a big sloppy and they are more likely to get caught on something and snagged.  We don't want you to have messy and snagged patches! Our borders are a tight satin stitch, laser cut and heat sealed (see pic below). Heat sealing is the best way to keep your patches looking good and the only way to make them last long without fraying as much.  You can only heat seal with a satin stitch border, that's why we do it!

Yes, we do have patches that don't have borders, those are usually the felt contour border patches (see pic below). Although, we do offer oval and rectangular patches with unstitched borders. For those patch styles, there is an unstitched felt border. Felt doesn't fray like thread, so It's kept nice and neat. However, don't be fooled by felt!  Even through felt adds texture and a different look to patches, you can't launder it or it gets "distressed".  If "distressed" is what you're looking for, then launder away!

PATCH PRICING: No, we don't have that stupid price/size/embroidery % chart when it comes to patch pricing.  WE HATE THAT FREAKIN' CHART! Want to know why? Because our pricing is customized the specific patch/logo you need made.  Often what that chart does is over charge a less complex logo. How can they possibly give you a price before seeing the patch you need made? Because THEY ARE GIVING YOU THE TOP PRICE THEY WOULD CHARGE FOR THAT SPECIFIC SIZE! If your logo is less complex, then we charge you less! So always be sure to submit your custom logo for a quote

DIGITIZING: Digitizing is the art of turning artwork into stitches.  No, we don't run your artwork into embroidery software and "POOF!" your stitch file is created. It doesn't work like that.  Well, some companies work like that, but we don't.  We have digitizers that have been working in the industry for over 20 years.  They manually redraw your logo in an embroidery program and apply the specific stitch type to make your artwork look as realistic as possible in embroidery form. Perfect example, look below, to the left is an inexperienced digitizer giving this poor eagle what appears to be black eyes.  To the right is our digitizer, making that eagle come alive, giving it the depth and texture it needs to look FREAKIN' AMAZING! Do you want a mediocre looking patch? or a BADASS looking patch?  It's really YOUR choice.


DIGITIZING/SET UP FEES: Call them crazy, but our digitizers like to get paid for the work they do (yes, I'm being sarcastic).  It can take up to 7 hours to digitize something like the image (right) above.  They always say, you get what you pay for and when it comes to us, it's definitely true.  These are one time fees for the specific size and artwork you ask for.  So always be sure to submit the exact artwork of what you want your patch to look like.  If you have color changes, that's fine, there are no edit fees for that.  The only time there is an edit fee is when you change the size.  If you submit new artwork, then there is a new digitizing fee.  So always be sure of what you want before you place your order.
A digitizing fee is the cost of turning your artwork into the stitch format.  The stitch files are the sole property of the digitizers. Your are not paying for a stitch file, you are paying for the service of having your artwork digitized for embroidery.  Our digitizers do not sell their stitch files. Those stitch files will always remain in our files for future purchases. If you purchase the same exact patch later on, you won't ever have to pay a digitizing fee for that specific design again.

FONT STYLES: This doesn't apply to artwork/logo patches.  We have over 100 different font styles we can use for your custom rocker/name patches.  Yes, we accept other font styles that we don't offer, however, the only way we can use it is if you email us the full font file (must be .ttf).  As for the font style chart, If you only see the sample in all lower case or all upper case, then the font style only comes in that form.  If you see both upper and lower case, then...you guessed it, it comes in both upper and lower case. 

PROOFS: We don't normally send proofs for the customizable template patches we offer. If you do need one, please let us know when you are checking out.  We do have an approval process when it comes to larger patches or logo patches. You will be emailed a digital version of your patch for you to approve.  At that time, please make sure you look over all the colors, sizes and spelling. Once we get you approval, we'll begin making them and there will be no time to go back and change anything.  Please be sure you are thorough when it comes to approving your proof because that is you telling us everything is SUPERB and we have the green light to proceed with your order.

SHIPPING: Shipping times for patches vary.  These are custom patches, so they take time to set up and create.  You may feel your patch is "taking long". But remember, we are taking your instructions and digitally creating it. The patches are then taken to the embroidery dept where they will sew it out, sometimes as a sample, to ensure there is proper coverage and that it looks appropriate. Then, they have to have heat seal backing applied. After that they are laser cut, cleaned up and trimmed.  After that, they are looked over again before the shipping department gets them.  Imagine, there are thousands of other patches going through the same process at the same time.  Trust us when we say you don't want us to rush through your patches.

Some of the rocker patches take up to 3 business days to leave our facility.  Some larger custom center patches can take 7 to 10 business days.

BACKING: Iron-on backing is the standard for our patches because it provides support and is flexible enough to sew through.  If you don't want iron on backing, please let us know at check out.  We also offer hook and loop (Velcro brand) backing. Contact us for a quote on that.