Rocker Patches *Design Help*

We know you want the best quality custom biker patches you can get.  Of course, you've already completed the first step, which is coming to us (wink wink).  If there's one company that has battled through the odds of making challenging rocker patches, it's us!

"What challenges?" you may ask?  In this first picture, we have a 12" x 2" rocker.  The customer asks "can you please make my letters 2" tall.  Why we can't do that:

The bar of the rocker may be 2", but we still need a tiny bit of room for the laser cutter, we need room for the border, and for goodness sake, we want the letter's to breathe a little bit...a little "elbow room" if you will.  Below is what it would look like if we used 2" letters with a 2" bar. The 2" letters reach under the border and now the rest of the text is off the patch! This is why we can't make the letters the same size as the bar width. (Keep scrolling kids!)

If we make it 1 1/4" tall, there is plenty of space for the eye to settle, it's legible and even though the width of the letters are a bit condensed, the rocker still looks great (see pic below).

Sometimes you have text that may be too long to fit in a patch.  Going with a bigger patch doesn't solve the problem because the bigger the patch, the larger the letters have to be to look appropriate. So, below are a few solutions to help with that.

Of course, below is text that may be too long.  It doesn't look bad, but some may prefer it less condensed than seen here:

 Our Deep Arch rocker style helps spread the letters out a bit more by carrying the arch over and around a longer area:

 ...And below is a true easy way to get as much text as you need without condensing the letters much.  Our two line rockers are very popular, if you've got a lot to say:

 Now, there are times we have the opposite problem. Too little text.  That's a quick fix.  The rocker below shows the text centered in the middle with a lot of space on the sides:

Our quick fix to lessen the blank space at the sides is to just spread the letters out enough but not too much, as seen in the image below.  You never have to worry about letting us know that we need to spread the letters a bit.  Our digitizers and designers automatically create the patches to fill up as much space as possible without making it look awkward.