How a drawing becomes a patch!

How a drawing becomes a patch!

Funny, I feel like I'm writing for one of those kid science shows that illustrates how one thing becomes something else.  Well, We will definitely have a full video that goes through all the steps, but for now, this is a drawing submitted by one of our great customers, Wayne.  He submitted this drawing with specific measurements. 

One of the best things about Wayne is, he's very helpful. He knows what he wants and doesn't hesitate to tell us.  Exact measurements, exact colors, exact style.  Knowing exactly what you, as a customer, wants, is essential since we are custom and only make exactly what you want.  Only you know how you want something to look and the more info you give us, the better and easier it is to meet your expectations.

One more thing for you to think about. If you need artwork or an illustration to for your idea, you can find someone on to create one.  We don't have artists on hand and as embroiderers, we only manually trace the artwork that is given to us.  Unless it's text, we don't have the ability to add extra details to your design. 

Enjoy the video and keep coming back for more!



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